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CAWIN HOLOGRAPHIC is a fully integrated Hologram products manufacturer. Established in year 1998, our years of experience in the production of hologram can ensure smooth and prompt delivery to our customers.

Hologram Security Labels and holographic packaging creates attractive impression and easy yet effective against identifying counterfeiting acts to your product ( seal of authentication ). It mainly applies to pharmaceutical products, food and beverage, auto parts, computer software, audio and entertainment, and virtually on any products that requires to protect against imitation.

Protect You and Your Customer against Imitation of Your Product
Increase Value of Product
Product Packaging Enhancement
Promotional and Corporate Image

















Dennis Gabor (1900-1979), The Hungarian physicist who shall be remembered in the hologram industry for his invention of hologram theories. Its amazing to have the creation of hologram theories where it can now be produced from the first step of block generation to end product hologram output with us, CAWIN HOLOGRAPHIC.

The beginning was at tough hands. Production facility had to to be set up, production system had to be refined so badly. With 8 years of experience, we've not upgraded in our production system but all kinds of trick can be played on hologram designs. We know better today.

These are strong words, but I believe that hologram iss the best solution to defend your products against imitation and counterfeiting. It can help in your business sales with its characteristic for attention grabber as it shows spectrum of colors and amazing designs. And we know how to do it for you.

Hologram Label and holographic packaging is our core focus and it is through specialisation that CAWIN HOLOGRAPHIC is able to offer the best expertise, service and products for todays business packaging industry needs. Our commitment is total and without compromise.




Do you know that normal product label can be easily cloned, unlike hologram labels which have unique propreitary customized design for each and evey single company, For some industries such as cosmetics and traditional medicine manufacturer, genuine products are essential for consumers well being and health. The following lists are among the most popular to be imitated and cloned.

Pharmaceutical Packaging
Tickets (City Transits, Event Tickets)
Important Documents
Bank Cheques
Electrical/Electronic Appliances
Automotive Parts

  1. No other packaging materials than hologram creates powerful impression and provides an easy, effective and affordable against counterfeiting or tampering.

    It catches attention in a flash and pull people in for a closer look as the rapidly changing spectrums create a dramatic impact.

    Hologram benefit function :-

    For your product security
    Attractive advertisement
    Product Authentication
    Combat Counterfeiting
    Increased Brand Sales
    Enhance Packaging Appeal
    Corporate Image
    Increase Value of Your Product
    For Inventory Management

  3. Mobile Phones Industry and Communication Accesories
    Food and Beverage Industry
    Cosmetic and Beauty Products
    Health Care Products


  6. We will help you to get the results that you want!

    We handle everything from hologram design through production and to the final product. We assist you from the start to finish with our fully controlled operation.

    We are:

    Own production facility
    Experience technical background
    Continuos research and development in hologram line
    You can be be assure in our service and prompt delivery
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