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Hologram catchs attention in a flash and pull people in for a closer look as the rapidly changing spectrums create a dramatic impact.

We offer holographic product in hot stamping foil, pressure sensitive labels, laminating films and tamper evident labels.


Hologram Labels are used as packaging sealer or security seal. This gives the advantage of being easy to apply to a substrate manually or a conventional label applicator machine. Custom images are recommended for high level protection.



Holographic Packaging creates from fancy to contemporary image to your products yet enhancing its security with aesthetic effects! There are achieved from the production of holographic BOPP/PET film.

  1. Product Packaging Boxes
  2. Decorative Boxes
  3. Name Cards
  4. Post Cards
  5. Stickers
  6. Posters
  7. Paper Bags
  8. Greeting Cards
  9. Floor Standee
  10. Gift / Box / Flower Wrappers
  11. Book and Magazine Covers
  12. and many more wide applications.
Our holographic packaging options are:


Adds Glitters & Shimmers, holographic effects when laminated over printing. Take advantage of the light catching effects of the prismatics holographic designs without masking your printed designs!


Prints over metallised holographic film to give a contemporary look to your packaging. Make enhancement to a printed design and adds a stronger visual.


Suitable for decorative packaging. Adds fancy look to packaging without the need of printing.

Looking for an alternative for the hassle of labelling? Custom made hot stamping foil is your solution!

Custom made hologram stamping foil is your solution when speed, cost and security is vital. It is manufactured from polyester carrier coated with a waxy release layer, a special coating with the top coating layer to impart resistance to whatever hostile environment. It is then emboss with your custom made hologram design incorporated with the security features and finish with a vacuum metallising process.

The custom made foil can be transferred to variety of materials from credit cards, papers ( certificate), leather, pvc cards with hot stamping machine that would read the sensor/registration mark on foil.


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