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Our wide range of hot stamping foil :

Metallic Gold And Silver
Pigment Foil
Coding Foil
Foil For Fabric
Holographic Foil
Security Foil
Scratch Off Foil
Holographic Scratch Off Foil
Tipping Foil
Custom-made Hologram Stamping Foil
Fusing Foil
Transparent Holographic Foil
Cold Foil / Die Less Foil
Pattern Foil For Wood And Furniture


Its the modern and convenient method of printing metallics and holographic effect for web printers. It involves the process of printing an adhesive, contacting the foil to the adhesive and removing the waste foil to reveal a foiled image. This eliminated the cost for hot stamping dies to print foil effects in line which are being replaced by the inexpensive photopolymer plate. This brings the advantages of wide applicability, inexpensive plates, high speed, and possibility to use on sensitive substrates.

Scratch off foils are removable security panel used on any products that require information to be secured. It is a hot stamp security products specifically formulated to be removed by scratching. It is applied to a number of substrates including PVC, paper and a variety of UV over varnish coating.



Coding foil are used to stamp various markings onto product packaging by coding device. These marking are to provide consumer with information such as expiry date, production date, weight and price.


Card and Ticket Technology
Important Documents
Advertising Wood & Furniture
Food & Beverage
Festival Greeting Cards



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