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Who We Are

Cawin (M) SDN BHD

We are a distinguished commercial enterprise established in 1981. We provide the hot stamping needs of industries in the plastic, wood, furniture, food and beverage, advertising, card and ticketing, graphics, printing, medical, and consumer products.

In partnership with the pioneer manufacturer of foils worldwide, we commit to deliver products that adhere to the various requirements in the market. The foil material that we use spans from metallic, pigmented, holographic, and the newer technology such as cold foil.

What We Do

Metallic Hot Stamping Foils

A printing method of relief printing in which the foils are transferred to a surface at high temperatures. Metallic finishes play an important part in conveying premium quality and exclusivity. Eye catching to the consumer, foil embellishments can provide authenticity and increased visibility at point of sale.

Pigment Foils

Pigment colouring simulates letterpress printing with the added bonus of hot foiling benefits.

Scratch Off Foils

It is referred to as the heat-generated foil stamps that are used to hide some numeric information or any other exclusive information on the products. The scratch-off foil can be easily removed by scratching the foil with the corner of the coin.

Heat Transfer Foils

A technique that print the design on the PET film first then using the Heat Transfer Machine to transfer the design on the product through high temperature and pressure. So the defect rate is lower than direct printing and present an exquisite printing.

Cold Foils

A modern method of printing metallic foil on a substrate in order to enhance the aesthetic of the final product. Cold foil printing can be done two ways: the older dry lamination process common in the offset printing industry, or the newer, more versatile wet lamination process, which is dominant in the flexo label industry.

Hologram Foils

A custom hologram offers the best security against counterfeiting. Made in the same way as metallic foils but includes an embossed pattern that diffracts the light and shows the colours of the spectrum at different angles.

Our Clients